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At Pine street we make sure your business has a presence in the most popular places on the internet, to the most relevant audience, in the best possible way. Simple, clear, with measurable results without any commitment.

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local Ads

Local Ads

Local advertising is intended to promote a business' physical store within a predetermined radius that it serves. Appear today as a top result on the devices of users searching for your products or services within a radius that your business serves. Ideal for local businesses interested in having the "corner store on a shopping street" on online platforms. See immediate and measurable results in phone numbers or directions on maps to your store.

advertising in search engines

Search Ads

Search engine advertising enables us to appear as one of the first results in a user's search for words or phrases that describe our products or services. Appear as one of the top 3 results for searches for your products or services on search engines and get visitors to your website with high purchase intent. Ideal for businesses that have or want to create a powerful website and increase their sales.

Advertising on Social Media

Social Media Ads

Advertise on social media by taking advantage of the possibility to appear on all known social networking platforms in the most privileged positions and highlight your product or services to a wide and active audience. Ideal for businesses that have a proven attractive product or service and are looking for recognition and interaction from a larger segment of the market.

Rental of Digital Advertising Space

Discovery Ads

Advertise on millions of apps, websites and other sites on the internet with a presence in pre-defined advertising spaces, through still - animated (Gif) images and videos. Utilizing sophisticated audience targeting tools we can display our advertising message on websites and applications with a specific theme as well as to users with very specific characteristics and interests. Ideal for businesses that want and have the ability to serve a wide part of the market.

Why advertise with Pine Street

Clear Goals

Goals and expectations are agreed upon prior to the start of promotional advertising.

Measurable Results

We have the tools and we record with quantitative indicators the progress towards your goal.

Monthly Report

Get your ad results in a report with easy-to-read graphs and indicators.

No Time Commitment

Your promotion is active whenever and for as long as you see fit.

Free Consultation

During our cooperation we answer questions and advise at no extra charge.


Communication is always through an administrator to whom you have direct telephone access.

Case studies

We like to talk with results

Navigate through the case studies and see through measurable results how together with our partners we succeed in leveraging digital advertising to achieve predetermined goals.

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Digital Advertising Packages

We offer different, customized packages depending on the needs of your business.

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We discuss your needs. We evaluate digital infrastructures. We propose solutions. Free of charge.

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